Obtaining Permits for Demolition

General Requirements
To demolish a building within the City of Richmond, permits must be obtained before proceeding with the demolition. In addition, other steps, outlined below, must also be completed before, during, and after the demolition is completed.

Steps Prior to Beginning Demolition
Complete a permit application and apply for a building demolition and sewer cap permit at the Planning & Building Permits counter. Bring the following additional certifications: 
  • To demolish a structure not listed in the Richmond Register, or Project PRISM but more than 50 years old, a completed DPR523a form provided by the California Office of Historic Preservation will be evaluated by the Planning Director prior to the structure being demolished.
  • Demolition – Utility Disconnect form (for electric and gas services), completed and signed by P G & E. This certifies that those utilities have been disconnected for demolition.
  • A certification from the Bay Area Quality Management District (BAAQMD) stating that there is no asbestos present in the structure to be demolished.
  • A Pest Control Clearance Certification from a California state licensed exterminator clearing the structure to be demolished. 

Steps During Demolition of the Structure
  • Performing demolition in a way that follows the provisions of Chapter 33, Section 3303, of the 2010 California Building Code, which include:
    • Construction documents - a required schedule for demolition (Sec. 3303.1)
    • Pedestrian protection (Sec. 3303.2) (additional info stated in Section 3306)
    • Means of egress - party wall or horizontal balcony not to be destroyed (Sec. 3303.3)
    • Vacant Lot - remaining lot to be filled and maintained to existing grade (Sec. 3303.4)
    • Water accumulation - prevention of water accumulation to foundations (Sec. 3303.5)
    • Utilities - all utilities must be disconnected (Sec. 3303.6)
  • Maintaining sanitary facilities required during demolition (Sec. 3305) 
  • Maintaining control against excess dust, dirt, and particulates by contractor(s) to prevent such materials from migrating to adjacent areas and properties
    • (See Section 3307, California Building Code – Protection of Adjoining Property)
  • Performing demolition activities and positioning equipment in accordance with Section 3308, 2010 California Building Code (Temporary Use of Streets, Alleys, and Public Property)

Steps After the Demolition of the Structure
  • Remove all debris, garbage, furnishings, material, foundation, concrete, and like materials from the site and dispose of them at a legal disposal or dump site.
  • Locate the building sewer and cap it with a blind cast iron plug within 5 feet from the property line.
  • Grade the site to control all water, to cause all water to drain towards the street, and to prevent any pooling of water on the site.
  • Call for a Building Regulations Inspection Request at 510-620-6868 for inspection of the cap of the sewer and for a final inspection of the site.

Contact Information

Building Permits Counter

450 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA
Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am - 12:30 pm